CRUDE INC. CEO Kohey Nakayama
CRUDE INC. CEO Kohey Nakayama
CRUDE INC. CEO Kohey Nakayama
CRUDE INC. CEO Kohey Nakayama
(CRUDE INC. CEO Kohey Nakayama)

Like a side B in shimokita.

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While active as a BBOY (breakdancer), also launched CRUDE Corporation, operating the eatery "SUNNY HOP" in Shimokita, offering hot dogs and craft beer, and managing the original craft beer brand "CRUDE BEER".
CRUDE INC. 代表 中山航平
BBOY(ブレイクダンサー)として活動する傍ら、CRUDE株式会社を立ち上げ、下北でホットドッグとクラフトビールを提供する飲食店「SUNNY HOP」や、
オリジナルクラフトビールブランド「CRUDE BEER」を手掛け経営者としての顔も持つ。
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Like a side B in shimokita.

Check out the B side of Shimokita, such as stores that are loved by local residents, which you can’t understand unless you live there.
(Coffee Shop)
am 10:00
The coffee shop is close to my home. I recommend grabbing a takeout and enjoying a walk on the nearby green road. It’s got a real neighborhood vibe.
僕の家の近くのコーヒースタンド。 近くには緑道があるので、テイクアウトして散歩しながら飲むのが、CRUDEスタイル。
pm 12:00
Japanese soul food? It’s all about “TONKATSU” for me. Most people dip it in sauce, but trust me, dipping it in salt takes it to another level. Forget TEMPURA, it’s TONKATSU for the win.
日本のソウルフード、トンカツ。 ソースで食べるのが一般的だけど、ここのトンカツは塩で食べるのが一番。天ぷら?いやトンカツでしょ。
pm 19:00
Only the locals know about it, but there’s a SENTO (public bath) right in the neighborhood. SENTO is a big part of Japanese culture. After soaking in the hot bath, grabbing a draft beer from the nearby convenience store “POPURA” is an absolute game-changer. Trust me, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.
知る人ぞ知る、まちの銭湯「新寿湯」。 銭湯は日本の文化。あついお風呂に使った後は、すぐ近くにあるポプラにて生ビールが飲むのが最高。
(Beer & Hot dog)
pm 20:00
Check out “Sunny Hop,” the hotdog spot run by a local B-BOY in the neighborhood. Their hotdogs are something else – homemade sauce and sausage that pack a spicy punch. And you’ve gotta try it with the neighborhood’s own craft beer, “HOT.” They’re a match made in heaven.
B-BOYが営む、街のホットドッグショップ「SUNNY HOP」。 ホットドッグに使用するソース、ソーセージは自家製で超スパイシーな逸品。街のビール「HOT」との相性は抜群。
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