PIXEL CEO / Photographer Ayato Ozawa
PIXEL CEO / Photographer Ayato Ozawa
(PIXEL CEO / Photographer Ayato Ozawa)

New Shimokita day trip.

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PIXEL Inc. CEO, photographer, and producer Ayato Ozawa from Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Dedicated to capturing life-sustaining photos, moments, and places.
Believes in leaving behind traces of light in everyday life rather than producing embellishments.
Considers our unique perspective on the world as our greatest value proposition.
Notable works include The Peninsula Tokyo (2013), Walt Disney World Cast (2015), and founding PIXEL Inc. in 2020.
株式会社PIXEL 代表 写真家 ・プロデューサー

The Peninsula Tokyo(2013)
Walt Disney World Cast (2015)
Photographer (2016)
PIXEL inc. (2020~)
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New Shimokita day trip

The Shimokita area has been on the upswing lately, hasn’t it?” I’ve been hearing more and more people say that these days.Imagine meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in a while or who are new to Shimokitazawa before lunch,I went around from the bonus track on the Setagaya-Daita side to the reload on the Higashi-Kitazawa side. This is a day trip to Shimokitazawa, a “town” in the present.
「最近下北盛り上がってるよね?」そんな声を聞くことが増えてきた今日この頃。 久しぶりに会う友達や、下北沢に初めて来る友達とのランチ前の待ち合わせをイメージし、 世田谷代田側ボーナストラックから、東北沢側reloadまでを回遊する。 下北沢という”まち”の今を巡る、デイトリップ。
(Shisha Shop)
am 08:30
Check out “Hakkou” in the Fermentation Department to dive into the awesome world of Japanese fermentation culture. And hey, if you’re roaming around the Bonus Track stores and start feeling peckish, why not grab lunch there? Kick off your day with something healthy and delicious.
日本の発酵文化が楽しめる、発酵デパートメント ボーナストラックの店舗をまわりつつ、お腹が空いたら発酵デパートメントでランチ。健康的なランチで1日をスタート。
(Shisha Shop)
Looking to soak up Shimokitazawa’s fresh vibes? Swing by Reload. It’s the spot to pick up some incense, flowers, and even snag a few souvenirs for yourself. And when you need a breather from all that shopping, hit up Chotto for some shisha and a chill break.
“下北沢の新しいカルチャーを感じたいならここリロード。 お香を買ったり、お花を買ったり、自分へのお土産探しをしても良いかも。買い物の合間はchottoでシーシャを吸って、一休み。”
(Chinese food)
pm 20:00
When the day winds down, head over to New Taipei and dive into some big plates of food with your crew. Pull up a chair, dig in, and go wild with whatever catches your eye. It’s best to roll in with a group of four or more to really make the most of it.
1日の締めは、仲間と大皿料理を楽しめる新台北へ。 テーブルを囲み、食べたいものを好きなだけ。4人以上で行くのがオススメ。
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And make Shimokita more interesting.
A local collective of players who create a town.
Each person’s creativity and expression is the spice of Shimokita.
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