maderu CEO Yu Hiratsu
maderu CEO Yu Hiratsu
maderu CEO Yu Hiratsu
maderu CEO Yu Hiratsu
(maderu CEO Yu Hiratsu)

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Textile design graduate from Tama Art University, CEO of Mederu Co., Ltd. Operates "mederu studio" in Shimokitazawa, emphasizing creating a world where you believe and cherish your sensibility. Also launched "mederu wedding" for pre-wedding shoots. Starting full-scale production of "sumizome" from 2024, a study pursued since university.
株式会社mederu代表取締役 平津優
「あなたがあなたの感性を信じ愛し続けられる世界をつくる」を掲げ空間デザイン及び下北沢にて「mederu studio」を運営。スタイリストが撮影補佐をする写真館やデザイナー並走方前撮り「mederu wedding」を立ち上げる。
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Tokimeki Discover.

Shimokitazawa girls recommend a trip to Shimokitazawa for girls with a crush. We have selected places that make you want to love Shimokitazawa and have a crush on it. We explore Shimokitazawa from the perspective of a girl who lives and works in Shimokitazawa.
am 08:30
It’s a vegan bakery, but trust me, you won’t even miss the non-vegan stuff – it’s that good. After grabbing a bite, nothing beats a morning walk around town.
ヴィーガンスタイルのベーカリー。 ヴィーガンとは思えない満足度の高さで、朝の空腹を満たして、下北沢に繰り出す。
am 11:30
If you’re keen to dive into the world of Japanese set meals, “TEISHOKU”, hit up Yuzuki. It’s your ticket to a wide range of healthy Japanese dishes, known as “WASHOKU”. Just a heads up, it’s a local favorite so expect a bit of a wait. Pro tip: get there before they open to snag a spot.
日本の定食スタイルを楽しめるYuzuki いろんな種類の健康的な和食を楽しめるのがここ、Yuzuki。 地元の人気店につき、かなり並ぶため、オープン前を狙おう。
(Photo Studio)
pm 14:00
Hit up “mederu” photo studio in Shimokitazawa to make some memories that’ll last. They’ve got this easy selfie setup that’s just perfect. So, whether it’s with family, friends, or your partner, let’s capture those fun moments together.
下北沢に来た思い出を残すフォトスタジオ「mederu」 気軽に使えるセルフ写真が魅力。家族、友人、恋人とその瞬間の時間を愛でる写真を残そう。
(Japanese-style Pub)
pm 19:00
Check out “Zeroya” for some killer Kushiyaki and Kyoto veggies. Whether you’re with family, hanging out with friends, or on a date, Shizukuya’s got you covered. The food’s fantastic, the vibe’s energetic – it’s the place to be if you’re into the whole trendy Japanese izakaya scene.
串焼きと京野菜の「雫や」 家族、友達、カップルとシーンを選ばない、雫や。京野菜と串焼きは絶品で、店内も賑やか、これぞ日本の居酒屋。
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